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The Best Holiday Spots for This Summer

Summer is one of the best times of year to see some of the world’s greatest cities and with a number of cheap first class flight offers available, travellers can get to their chosen destination in style. There is no better way to travel than in BA first class, a guaranteed way of arriving at your holiday spot feeling relaxed and refreshed.

There are many fantastic cities around the world that truly come to life during summer and one of the most culturally vibrant is Johannesburg, in South Africa. Here, you can learn all about the country’s chequered past at the Apartheid Museum and track its route to democracy at the Madiba Freedom Museum.

For travellers looking to really let their hair down, a trip to Las Vegas is perfect and the summer is the best time to benefit from the city’s desert location, as the weather is truly unbeatable during this time of year. After winning big in the famous Las Vegas casinos, hit the Strip’s high-class hotels for some cocktails or an unforgettable show.

Another great US location which can be reached on cheap first class flights is Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world and an ideal holiday spot for movie lovers and celebrity spotters. In LA, soak up the sun on Sunset Boulevard, take a celebrity homes tour in the Hollywood Hills or visit the Kodak Theatre, famous for hosting the glitzy Oscars ceremony.

The availability of low-cost BA first class flights means now is a great time to take the plunge and visit some truly far-flung destinations – so why not consider Sydney? This vibrant Australian city is bustling with activity in the summer and boasts some of the world’s most iconic sights, from the Sydney Opera House to the Harbour Bridge.

For holidaymakers keen to use their summer holiday to relax after months of hard work – and soak up as much sun as possible before the winter months – there is no better place to visit than Dubai. Dubai is a sunbather’s paradise, boasting incredible weather and beautiful beaches, and will also appeal to fans of luxury looking forward to some pampering this summer.

Following a luxurious first class flight, why not continue the high-end feel with a stay at one of Dubai’s amazing seven-star hotels?

After a morning of sunbathing, escape the midday heat with a trip to one of Dubai’s jaw-dropping shopping malls, including the Mall of the Emirates, which is the second biggest in the world and boasts its own ski slope.


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The Best Vacation Spots in Asia

Most tourists from around the world find Asia as their perfect haven and the best place to spend their long planned vacation. Aside from its rich cultural heritage and magnificent beaches, it is much cheaper to travel in Asian countries too. Here are top Asian destinations you would love.


Even if Thailand is unstable politically right now but still it doesn’t stop millions of tourists every year to come to Thailand and spend their vacation in one of their beautiful islands. Phuket and Bangkok is the most visited place in Thailand because of its magnificent beaches. Not only that, people who love to shop can shop their hearts out in Bangkok.

Visitors enjoy their vacation not just from the things they see and do but because of the food too. They just love Thai cuisine, it is delicious and cheap as they say. Anywhere you go in Thailand you will find a place to eat especially in Bangkok. The streets are just filled with different kinds of restaurant offering different Thai dishes. You can also find world class restaurants which serves Thai cuisine as well as other International cuisine. Food is definitely a big thing in Thailand.


Indonesia is the largest archipelago of the world which consists of 17,508 islands. If you want to see nature at its best then Indonesia is the best place to spend your holiday. They have various tourist attractions to boast couple with the best modern amenities to make your holiday a comfortable one.

Indonesia is world renowned tourist destinations for their beaches, museums and temples and of course for its magnificent scenic beauty. Travelers, historians and other visitors never miss to stop by and take pictures in their famous towering temples and grand pagodas.

But of course one can’t possibly miss their beautiful beaches most specially the spectacular white ones of Bali. Bali has become a world class tourist destination. Famous Hollywood movie stars often spend their vacation here. Perfect place too for newly weds who are spending their honeymoon in the island.


Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines is indeed boated of its glory by showing lots of tourist attractions in their 7,107 islands. The country is popular for its beautiful islands, white beaches, diving spots and a lot more. That is why millions of people from all over the world are definitely enticed by it beauty. Fortunately it’s not only the places that attract tourists to visit the Philippines but also with their people. Filipinos are certainly compassionate and very hospitable that even strangers will feel at home with the place.

It is home to the world famous white beach of Boracay Island. Other famous beaches are found in Panglao Island, Bohol, and Palawan. Famous diving spots are found in Cebu as well as Bohol. Other tourist spots like Taal Volcano and Taal Lake at Tagaytay will surely hold your breath away. Other places worth to see are Negros, Panay Island, Siquijor and more. The list is just endless and it will probably take your lifetime to discover all of the beauty of the Philippines.

It is probably the reason why most foreigners choose to relocate here in the Philippines especially those who are well beyond their golden days. They choose to spend their retirement days in this country.

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The 6 Best Beaches in Turkey That You Should Never Miss to Visit

The sunny Turkey is home to a great number of amazing beaches. To have a wonderful holiday here, you need not have to be necessarily bound to the hyper popular and therefore too crowded all-inclusive resorts. Instead you can choose the Turkey beaches that have been alluring visitors for long. Let’s take a look beyond the overly touristic beaches of Marmaris and Kusadasi resorts and reveal Turkey’s other top destinations for sunbathing, swimming or surfing.


Pantara is located in Xanthos Valley. It has fine, white sand and a total length of 15 km. This makes it one of the longest Mediterranean beach strands. The entrance area is well crowded, but if you go past the dune region in the northwest you will enjoy more solitude. The summer season has good waves for surfing, while autumn and spring are ideal for swimmers.

The Butterfly Valley

This spectacular area bordered by two tall cliffs hides a pristine sand strap that can be reached by boat from Oludeniz. It is a wild place for trekkers and campers, untouched by modern developments. If you stay in Faralya, you can gaze down at the spectacular rock formation.


Kabak is the name of a village that is located on the Lycian Way. Tourists love its cosy wooden huts and the general tranquility of the place. The valley has lush pine forests, features bits of mountainous relief and the beach is rather filled with pebbles than with sand. The landscape is thus very different from the usual sandy beaches of Turkey and definitely enchanting. The only downside is the large mosquito population.


Situated in Dalyan, this is probably the best beach to bring your children to. It is an all-sunny spot where large crowds gather. Also, it is a place for turtles to nest. On this sandy beach you will frequently encounter turtle tracks, as these animals come ashore to lay their eggs. Beyond the beach, there is a marshy area which hosts a rich wildlife.


Frequently photographed, the beach in Oludeniz is a long sandy strap that leads to a wonderful blue lagoon. Besides the natural beauty of the area, the beach is also famous because of the varied and affordable accommodation in the area. Para-sailing enthusiasts find Oludeniz the best spot to practice. They are thrilled with the aerial views.


A well known name to tourists, Bodrum is on the Turquoise Coast, as it’s called. The south of the peninsula in the Aegean Sea is home to numerous resorts with lovely beaches, all bordered by the bright blue sea waters. Moreover, Bodrum is a place of ancient history, of beautiful mountain views and Mediterranean flora. It is a preferred destination for the rich visitors and thus one of the luxury areas on Turkey’s touristic map.