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Provo Utah Real Estate Agents

The Nation has seen incredible increases in home price appreciation rates. Utah is now among the top-20. Provo actually place 138 out of all of the cities in the country. Utah has been lagging behind the national average for several years and now is starting to catch up. With this boom in the Provo Real Estate Market it will be important that you find a trusted advisor to help you make the right decisions when selling or buying. Fortunately, for us there are many professional Provo real estate agents that can help us make wise decisions in the housing market.

Why should we use a Provo real estate agent when buying or selling a home? Your home is the largest financial transaction you will enter into. Making a mistake could end up costing you 10,000’s more than you needed to pay. In Utah we have recently seen an upward movement in the rate of appreciation. How long will this market trend continue? What are the implications for future long term home values? What are the answers to these questions and who has the answers? Realtors have those answers. Think of a real estate agent like a white water guide. He or she has been on the river of years and knows how to navigate a novice crew through the rapids and pitfalls of a perilous river. In the same sense a real estate agent can direct you and answer your questions helping you make correct decisions when purchasing or selling a home.

Provo has several Real Estate Schools where all Provo real estate agents learn the ins and outs of the real estate market both past and present. In these course realtors learn about all the real estate laws specific to your area. They learn how to properly market a home and how to deal with closing costs. A “do-it-yourselfer” mentality can get you right in the wallet. For example what is a fair price for your home? How much should you ask for if you need to sell within six months, or 2 months? Provo real estate agents have spent hours in classes learning the right answers to these questions. Real Estate School is geared to create real estate professionals that can understand the current real estate market and reasonably predict future trends.

A real estate agent upon graduation form school is given access to the “MLS” or multiple listing services. This is a list of all the homes for sale in an area. A Provo real estate agent will have access to a list of all the homes in Utah that are for sell. This is a valuable resource because it will allow you to see all the options and also to compare prices. Real estate agents also have access to key boxes. A key box safeguards the key to a home so that realtors can show clients the inside of the home whenever its convenient. With all these tools and the research already done why would you not want to use a Provo realtor to help you find your next home?

What should you look for in a Provo realtor? Remember that you will be working closely with your real estate agent and will spend a fair amount of time with this person. Be sure to select a realtor that you get along with and trust. It is recommended that a realtor has lived in the area for an extended period of time. The longer an agent has been in a market the more useful he will be. Experience is the key. Knowing the area and where the new homes are and having an established network of home builders, mortgage lenders, and even private sellers will be very advantageous. A good Provo real estate agent will know what schools are the best, how long it takes to get to the freeway from a particular home, is the traffic bad, are there parks nearby, and what kind of people live in a certain neighborhood. Where you live is a big decision; don’t make it blindly. Let a Provo Real Estate Agent guide you through your next transaction.