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The Law of Attraction – Your Feelings and Emotions

When researching and studying the law of attraction I very quickly identified people were focusing on a series of laws of attraction. Notice that I spoke of laws in the plural rather than a law of attraction.

There are no laws of attraction as such, but rather techniques that can be used to enable us to use the law of attraction to our benefit.

There are many techniques and strategies we can use to allow us to master the law of attraction but these all boil down to one key aspect, our feelings and emotions.

I will use the words feelings and emotions interchangeably but as far as the law of attraction is concerned, they are the same thing. There is one key indicator guiding us with what we are attracting into our lives and that is our feelings.

Those of us fortunate enough to have been blessed with the books The Secret and The Power already know that we can name our emotions by many different names, this is really just hiding the fact we have two types of feelings.

We have only good feelings and bad feelings.

This is a really strong point and I cannot stress it enough. Good feelings, or as I like to say, above the line and bad feelings, below the line. The line I talk about is the line of abundance. Feelings above this line, our positive emotions, our positive feelings allow us to attract what we want in our life. Feelings below this line drain abundance from our life.

Abundance can mean anything from an abundance of health, wealth, friendships, happiness, joy, in fact anything you can say would be a positive influence or result in your life.

It’s also really important to know that you cannot expect to be happy and feeling above the line all of the time. That is simply not what being human is all about. We need to know what the negative feelings are like so that we can spot the moment a positive feeling enters our life.

Below the line feelings such as grief when we lose a loved one are positives. They provide us the opportunity to find closure in our life and it’s so important to work through these emotions rather than trying to cover them up and pretend to feel above the line.

When negative emotions come into your life, ask yourself a question, are these emotions serious or not?

What I mean by that is, are these emotions part of something bigger such as grief, loss of a job or some other life changing event, because if they are, they need to be worked through in the normal correct manner so we can move on. Otherwise, they are emotions that don’t need to be there.

Also, never feel guilty if you have feelings that are below the line, this is just a moment in life and it’s really not that important. As long as through our life we feel on average above the line more than half the time, we are attracting abundance.

The more you feel above this line, then the more abundance you will attract, and in time, you will have more and more positive feelings, for with that first bit of abundance you attract you’ll feel great and attract more and so the cycle goes on.

On average, strive for this; Be positive more than negative, have good feelings more than bad, never worry if you get bad feelings, it’s part of being human and be especially happy when you feel good.

You may think that I’m all talk and no action, but let’s take a look at a real scenario that could have a significant impact on how your day, week, month or even longer goes.

You drive away in the morning, perhaps on your way to work and you’re running a minute or two late. There is a car is turning in the road? The other driver is being particularly cumbersome with their handling of the car and don’t seem to even care that you are there, now running even later!

In moments like these it is so very easy to get suckered into that moment and become overwhelmed by negativity. Indeed, just feeling slightly below the line is enough to change entire outcomes.

Let’s explore how you could feel in a moment like this; anger at running late, fear of being late for work, anger at the driver for not moving faster, guilt for not leaving earlier and on the list can go.

Let’s not let a moment like this change your day, week or even longer outcomes. Use a moment like this to not only feel great, but actually re-enforce your ability to feel great.

The laws of attraction are built on a foundation of positivity.

You may ask how you can rid yourself of negative thoughts and feelings?

Probably the simplest method I use, and my favorite is this. Picture yourself with the emotions or choose a picture in your mind that represents the emotion, and put that picture against a vivid blue background. Now make that image fade away into the background until it is a pin prick and is enveloped by the blue.

Now that you have a completely clear mind with which to build upon, picture a positive image of yourself and start to build positivity on that.

This whole process takes a fraction of a second and going back to the scenario said before, as the driver blocking the road sorts their driving out, pulls away and waves a half hearted casual thank you, smile, wave a polite thank you, put on some great music with a positive effect on you and look forward to your drive, knowing that your positive feelings will pave the way for a great day ahead.

I truly hope that this writing on the laws of attraction is a positive influence in your life.