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Best Travel Spots in Europe

Europe has long been known for its cultural history, but we have seen it develops into a modern area in the past few years. If a person wants to see a place which has the goods of the modern day plus the cultural integrity of the old days, Europe has those places. Some of these places are as follows:

Paris, France

One of the best holiday locations is the ‘city of lights’ which is also one of Europe’s top cities. In Paris people come to see the Eiffel Tower, the Notre- Dame Cathedral, the Louvre place and the Versailles palace. Paris is the business hub of Europe. The beauty of the city makes it one of the best places for couples. Although Paris is an expensive to visit place, but it is one of the best party spots in Europe. It is also known for being lover’s paradise and this is the reason it is considered most romantic place in the world.

Helsinki, Finland

The beautiful city of Helsinki is known for its churches and museums. It is a great visiting place. It is also the home of Nokia’s head office. The best asset of city is perhaps it’s great natural beauty. It is sometimes referred to as the financial capital of the country. The city has world famous bars and pubs. The city shows a mix of natural beauty and urban activity.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Another great place to visit in Europe is Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the capital of the country and is the mix of Scottish traditions and modern developed society. UNESCO has declared two parts of the city, the Old Town and the new Town, to be World Heritage sites. September to December is the busiest time of the city. People can enjoy a lot of tourist attractions like the Edinburgh Castle, Museum of Scotland and Rosslyn Chapel.