TOP 10 Islands in Brazil

The Brazilian coastline is blessed with many wonderful islands, some of them famous in the whole world like Fernando de Noronha and Ilha Grande.

Here is a list of the TOP 10 Brazilian Islands and the reasons that made them so special. If you are an island-lover, you can’t miss this!

TOP 10 Brazilian Islands:

10 – Boipeba’s Island (Ilha de Boipeba) – BA

This is one of the most charming islands in this list. It’s just delightful to walk around those white sand beaches and visiting the villages. There are no cars, no banks, just what you need to relax and watch the days go by in this beautiful place.

Scuba diving is a great option here. The historical tour is a must and you will see the most important cultural and historical spots of the island.

9 – Itaparica’s Island (Ilha de Itaparica) – BA:

The Ilha de Itaparica (Itaparica’s Island) is located on the “Baia de Todos os Santos”(All Saints Bay) in the state of Bahia. It’s the biggest island in the bay, yet is the perfect place if peace and quiet are what you are looking for.

With over 40km of beaches, you will be able to spend days just visiting them and deciding which is your favorite. And of course that if you want more than just beaches, the island is full of historical places to see like churches and forts, some over 400 years ago. Some other options of entertainment are also available like skydiving and scuba diving, and since the whole island is surrounded with a magnificent reef, scuba diving is something you can’t miss while you are there.

8 – Marajo’s Island (Ilha de Marajo) – PA

This paradise is surrounded by fresh and salt water, on one side you have the Amazon River, and on the other the sea.

This is a huge island with tons of stuff to do. You should visit the Marajo’s Museum, feed and ride the buffaloes, go to the dozen towns in the island and a lot more. The island is also famous for the “pororoca” which is a tidal bore with huge waves that travel kilometers through the river, it’s a wonderful thing to see.

7 – Honey Island (Ilha do Mel) – PR

Located in Paranagua’s this rustic island has the best beaches in the state of Parana. This is a perfect place to relax, watch the scenery and practice sports. No vehicles are allowed in the island, not even with animal traction, Also no drugstores or ATM machines. But don’t worry, you are not going to sleep in the middle of the jungle and go to the bathroom in the woods, everything you need you will find in the island, like stores, health center, police, internet… You will just seize the day better without the noise of the cars. One of the coolest things to do in the island, is to rent a bike and just ride around, seeing the many sites it has to offer, specially the view from the top of 19th century lighthouse.

6 – Santa Catarina’s Island (Florianópolis) – SC

This is actually the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. Half of the city of Florianopolis is on the island. This is easily one of the best cities in Brazil, it is the dream destination of not only tourists, but Brazilians too. There you will find everything a huge city has, since its the most important in the state, but also the great island vibe, amazing beaches, and this is important, some of the best looking people in the world. Some of the best known Brazilian faces in the world come from these parts. Because it is such a big place, there’s stuff to do no matter what kind of things you like, you can go to desert beaches, or visit the places that are packing with young people looking for dates and meeting new people. The night life is awesome too. This maybe the best spot for travellers who want great beaches, but also great nightlife.

5 – Ilhabela – SP

Ilha Bela is one of the biggest islands in Brazil and one of the most visited, maybe because it’s near the two main cities in Brazil. It’s located 210 miles south of Rio de Janeiro and 138 miles north of São Paulo. Ilhabela is Portuguese for Beautiful Island, and that’s what it is. A paradise for people who like to be outdoors. The island is ideal for aquatic sports lovers. There are 35 km of beaches, a coastal Atlantic rain forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, mountain peaks to climb and over 400 cool waterfalls cascading into the ocean. Add to that legends of pirate’s treasures, underwater wrecks to explore, great sailing, enough to make Ilhabela’s annual Sailing Week a must.

4 – Abrolhos – BA

Abrolhos is located south of Bahia and it shelters Brazil’s richest coral fauna. Five volcanic islands and a group of coral reef comprise the archipelago that has one of the largest fish gathering in the globe, both in quantity and variety. You can find in Abrolhos all kinds of fish from the South Atlantic.

The whole archipelago is protected by IBAMA (The institution that take care of natural resources in Brazil), all this to keep this paradise alive.

This is also an excellent place for diving, one of the best in Brazil, with good visibility, shipwrecks and corals.

3 – Morro de São Paulo – BA

Morro de São Paulo is a village in the Tinharé island, but due to the famous village, the island is more known as Morro de São Paulo. With beautiful beaches, coral reefs and surf activity, this island is certainly a very good option for people that are spending some time in Salvador, it’s about 20 minutes away by plane, and 2 hours by boat. This place is for people that want to relax and practice all kinds of water sports. If you’re into diving, there are dive operators in the islands. They offer boat trips to the best sites, you can choose free dives or use tanks, you can also rent all the equipment needed.

2 – Big Island (Ilha Grande) – RJ

Just a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro, this paradisaical island is a Brazilian wonder. with over 80 beaches, it would take days just to trek around the whole island. And actually, some agencies offer this options to tourists, but it’s a hard trek with no infrastructure at all for most of the trip.

But that’s exactly whats fun about this island, even though you have great hotels, restaurants and everything you need at the island villages, most of the island is just untouched nature. That means you get some of the best beaches in the world, with untamed nature all around you.

It’s paradise for trekkers, as after hours walking you always get to beautiful places that make all that effort worthy.

With rivers, beaches, waterfalls and cosy villages, this island is for sure one of the best destinations in Brazil, maybe in the world.

1 – Fernando de Noronha – PE

For sure the most famous island in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is the most desirable destination by Brazilians. With crystal clear waters, beautiful landscapes and great infrastructure, this island is the perfect place for people looking for the ultimate beach experience. You will be amazed by every inch of this island.

Diving and snorkeling is this place is a breath taking experience and you can’t miss it. There are also beaches for surfing, Fernando de Noronha’s hosts Surf championships from time to time.

For each day spent in this island you will have to pay a tax called Conservation Tax, its not a huge tax if you stay only for a few days. If you stay 4 days its around 90USD for the 4 days. But if you stay a month its around 1500USD.

Top Spots to Enjoy Life Vacationing In Jamaica

Considering a vacation in the Caribbeans this year? Why not take a trip to the island country of Jamaica; a tropical paradise in the most literal sense! If you’re in the mood to embark on a vacation that is relaxation incarnate, Jamaica might just be the place for you. Tourism in Jamaica has increased at incredible rates during the last few years due to the number of tourist attractions and spots that have been developed specifically to make vacationers feel relaxed, letting the stress slough off! Let’s take a look at some of the top spots to enjoy life vacationing in Jamaica.

Montego – The Fair Weather Bay

No trip to Jamaica would be complete without experiencing the tranquility of Montego Bay – one of the most scenic locations in the world. The spots constitutes of seven miles of white sand beaches and crystal clear water, making it a popular hangout for tourists and locals alike. By day, you can bathe and relax on the beach; by night, dance to the beat of music reveling in the vibrant night life of Montego.

Dunn’s River Falls

The town of Ocho Rios in Jamaica houses the magnificent Dunn’s River Falls, making it one of the top spots to enjoy life vacationing in Jamaica. The 600 ft long waterfall is terraced like giant natural stairs finally emptying into the Caribbean Sea. Thousands of tourists visit the scenic location each year and strive to climb atop the falls; experienced guides are made available by the government to facilitate such endeavors. Due to the attention it receives, the town of Ocho Rios is home to a wide range of accommodations and services for tourists.

Glistening Waters

If you are a frequent vacationer, you have probably heard dozens of travel guides and vacation advertisements proclaiming a place as ‘magical’, only to experience the same old drab landscape once again. Glistening Waters in Jamaica is one such place that is oft trumpeted as the most magical place on the island country; but contrary to the norm, the lagoon really is magical! Located in an estuary near Rock, the cool crystalline waters have an eerie property of glowing green when disturbed; thus the reason for the place being referred to as the Luminous Lagoon by the locals.

Moonlit Rafting Trips at Rio Grande

One of the most romantic experiences in Jamaica is the soothing rafting trip through the valley of Rio Grande. What began as an exclusive poling trip for discerning tourists has now evolved into a major attraction. If you happen to be at Rio Grande when the moon is full, you’re in for quite a treat, since the waters turn a majestic silver on such occasions, making for an incredibly romantic rafting experience.

Life is hectic; and all of us need an occasional break from the strenuous rigors of life. Vacations to exotic places serve precisely this purpose, giving you an opportunity to just get away from it all for a few weeks. These top spots to enjoy life vacationing in Jamaica might serve as a great guide if you’re planning a vacation.

Top 10 Must Haves in a Girly Girl Handbag – How to Travel Smart and Stay Safe At The Same Time?

There can be 101 things that are seemingly important to bring everywhere along, just in case you need it. Every girl is unique, what I think is important might be unnecessary for others.

Big bags can be trendy, but it is not exactly practical in a foreign country. Branded flashy bags are one of the worst things to flaunt since this is what thieves will spot first. Functional bags with simple designs are the best!

No, I am not going to list camera and map being important here. Because it is something majority will bring anyway. This list is recommended for girly girls who want to travel smart and stay safe at a foreign country.

1) No girly girl goes out without carrying a basic make-up kit. Make sure you have a proper mirror – there can be more than 1 use for it.

2) Always carry a proper spray-on deodorant/perfume/sun block/insect repellent/ointment in your bag. Can use it for yourself or dodgy attacker.

3) Petroleum jelly (Vaseline lip balm) can have more than 10 uses when travelling. Like anything, do not overuse it.

4) Carry a reputable built-in filter bottle everywhere. It works for non-potable water (e.g. from the taps at public toilets) but not undrinkable type.

5) Good to know the emergency numbers, accommodation and any other useful contacts. Always ensure phone has battery and bring portable charger.

6) Bring your house keys along. Swiss Army knife is considered weapon and not allowed in some places. Use functional key chains (e.g. karabiner) here.

7) Bring mechanical pencil (minimum 2B lead darkness) and blank A4 paper. Good for doodling anything casual to writing something important.

8) Carry a light foldable umbrella with silver surface on the outer side. Good to fend off UV rays, rain, and dodgy stranger. Now available in metal casing!

9) Have a small pouch to store your passport and money (zip locked!). Personally, it is good to top with 7 scented panty liners.

10) It is good to carry a handbag with sling. I like to sling it on and my hands resting on the handles. Hope to deter thieves by making it harder to steal.

Safety is one of the most important aspects in our life. It is a basic human need and must be fulfilled before achieving anything else. Just Google and you can find a long list of recommendations on safe and smart travel.

The ideal total weight of a handbag (+ laptop) is supposed to be no more than 15% of your body weight. For travelling, keep the girly girl handbag to the range of 5% of your body weight will be more appropriate.