How to Guarantee an Enjoyable Jewish Trip

Knowledge is power, and this can be applied on everything -even while traveling. Planning a trip can somehow be stressful, but planning a Jewish trip demands extra effort and attention.

You have to be mindful of almost everything from your destination to kosher food. Here are few tips to guarantee a memorable Jewish vacation:

Is the Destination Relevant to Your Journey?

Planning the destination is perhaps the easiest part. You might already have a place in mind even before you decide to go on a vacation.

However, choosing the destination should not be at random, if you really want your trip to be a memorable one.

If you are interested in knowing Jewish history in Europe for example, you can visit heritage sites in there. These places have rich Jewish history that will bring you back to the struggles and success of the Jews.

Moreover, these places have exquisite sceneries and amazing tourist spots that will satisfy your trip.

Before going, make sure you check the weather and other concerns so that you can pack appropriately.

Can Your Travel Keep Your Meals Kosher?

Kosher food planning can be tedious to make sure that your destination keeps up with your dietary restrictions. Google restaurants that serve kosher near your place. You can also ask your accommodations in advance too.

Ideally, you should bring some backup food just in case. You can request a microwave or a mini fridge to store up your food if you’re staying in a hotel.

But remember, not all hotels let you use such amenities for free. Ask them, and if they do try to explain why you need them. Hotels are there to accommodate you with the best service they can offer, and they do understand that guests come from different places and races with various dietary guiding principle.

Perhaps, they might let you use that for free.

Is Your Travel Worth It of Your Budget?

If you are a multi-millionaire, then this won’t be your problem. But if you are traveling on a tight budget, you can go on an all-inclusive tour package.

All-inclusive means everything is included in your ticket, from food to excursions. You can eat as much kosher food as you want, and don’t have to keep coins for bus tickets and short rides on your touring.

Due to tight competition in the industry of tours and cruises, liners are becoming more creative. You can now go on a Jewish themed cruise. There are also all-inclusive, all-kosher river cruises that also offer Jewish Heritage site touring.

But if you want to consider doing your own itinerary, you can do that too! But such a choice entails a lot of planning, negotiations and tons of research. Plus, it does not guarantee that you won’t shed more money, because not everything on the internet can meet your expectation.

5 Tips To Follow For An Enjoyable Desert Camping Trip

Spending the night in a desert is a whole different experience compared to when you’re in the woods. The weather is warmer and there are little to no trees and plant life around. However, it’s a fascinating place to visit and a good spot to enjoy a good campfire under the starry night sky.

Dessert camping takes careful planning and preparation. Follow these helpful tips for a more enjoyable experience!

Pack the important stuff

Be prepared

Before you go on your adventure, it’s important to do some research on your chosen destination. Read articles or blogs about other people’s experiences camping in the area so you know what to expect.

One of the most important things to find out is wildlife – the desert is home to various animals and insects and you may encounter snakes, spiders, scorpions etc. Learn beforehand about what to do when you encounter them.

Make a list of essentials

The best way to make sure that you don’t forget anything important is to make a list. Write down all essentials such as food, clothing, toiletries, sleeping gear, cooking gear, navigation tools etc.

Since the weather will be mostly warm (depending on where you are and the time of the year), don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, and weather-appropriate clothes. But be sure to pack warm clothing, too! Some nights can get chilly and you’ll need some blankets and an appropriate-weather sleeping bag.

Fill up on gas

Driving through the desert can take hours, and you don’t want to run out of gas and get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Carry fuel or fill up your gas supply as much as you can. The further get into the desert, gas stations will become fewer and farther in between.

Arrive before dark

It’s so easy to get lost in the desert, especially at night. Once the sun goes down, the area can become really, really dark and it will be harder for you to navigate. Schedule your trip wisely so you arrive at your campsite before dark and have time to set up camp.

Bring plenty of water

The desert is a hot, dry place and water is scarce. Your biggest threat as a camper is dehydration, so make sure that you have sufficient water throughout your entire trip.

Keep in mind these very useful desert camping tips for a fun and hassle-free outdoor adventure!