Best Tourist Attractions To See In Botswana

Botswana is a popular tourist destination in Africa; it’s a home to various wildlife reserves as well as parks that attract large numbers of tourists to the country. If you are confused of where to go, Botswana is a place to visit. It offers a true wilderness of Africa. The tourism sector is developing at a very fast rate thus having first class hotels with excellent services and facilities. Media can display all kinds of wildlife on television but it’s much better to have a closer look to the gorgeous creatures of nature. Below are the some of the best attractions in Botswana that can’t go unnoticed.

Okavango delta is well known to be a home of so many lagoons, lakes and it’s the biggest world’s inland delta. It covers an area of about 17,000 square km. Your visit to the delta will make you experience a wonderful moment, you will see over 400 species of birds such as Ostrich, African Fish Eagle in addition to wildlife like tree squirrels, bush babies, mongoose and warthog. If you are a fan of fishing, you will be directed to so many places and catch fish like catfish, Tilapia and Tiger fish. The area is accessible by roads and getting to the camps is by use of light aircraft from Maun. The best time to enjoy your Botswana safari is during the winter season when majority of wildlife depart the delta during the summer season. It’s on record that the delta has about 200,000 big mammals that are seen throughout the year. The Lechwe Antelope is the most famous animal, it has a population of about 60,000. If you are to compare them with the impala, these are a bit bigger and roam around the water bodies since its fur is resist to water. The Okavango will give you a chance to see the endangered African Wild Dog.

Moremi Game Reserve is a famous home of approximately 500 species of birds as well as a big concentration of wildlife such as wild dogs, cheetah, leopard, lion, giraffe and buffalo, spotting these in their natural setting will be memorable for a lifetime. The central Kalahari reserve is also reachable although with time restrictions. The place is occupied by the nomadic Bushmen who have lived in this place so many years. Accommodation is quite tricky at this reserve and many visitors just come for sightseeing. The experience is worth the visit.

Chobe, well known for having large populations of elephants, it has the best accommodation with better amenities and services to make their clients comfortable. Luxurious camps are also offered at Linyanti Reserve. The best spot to catch a glance of the elands are Savuti Marsh as well as Linyanti. For birdwatchers, Serondela area is the place to visit and see many species of birds such as waterfowl, ducks, ibis and Spoonbills. The Chobe National Park offers a chance to see all kinds of wildlife on your Botswana Safari. On the plains of Linyanti Marsh, you will catch a glimpse of the big game, for instance lions, buffaloes and scavengers like hyena and antelopes. They have large concentration of hippos and crocodiles that you can see along Linyanti River. The marsh spot at Savuti is a home to many elephants that come to cool off the heat and take water as well. Other animals seen include cheetahs, zebras and wildebeest. The water bodies surrounding Chobe attract big families of giraffes thus enjoying your Botswana safari.

The Chobe National Park is one place to visit in Botswana; you will see all kinds of wildlife although you must know the right time to visit. If you are a fun of bird watching, the best time to see over 400 species of birds in the park is during the rainy season. The dry season is best for spotting big populations of elephants as they gather at the nearby water bodies to drink water. You can visit Botswana and enjoy seeing the zebra annual migration including other animals like lions and others. Your Botswana safari will include visiting the Kuru Museum as well as the cultural center; it’s prominent for its traditional dances, cultural events and exhibition that are celebrated all around the year. Museum has a lot of antiques and this will help you get enough information about the ancient times of how people lived their lives. The local people are so hospitable and friendly, thus making your stay memorable. Truth be told, it’s a significant feature in Botswana.

How To Make a Good Tour At Taormina?

One of the most astoundingly beautiful and exotic destinations across the globe features the name of Italy which has been endowed with immensely enriching historical background and picturesque spots that are extremely popular among adventurists and travel freaks who venture out to catch a glimpse of the supreme glory and majesty witnessed in every nook and corner of the region.

The irresistible and enchanting beauty of Italy is universally accepted with distinctive spots famous for travelling including the Coliseum, Piazza Campidoglio, The Roman Forums, The Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain, The Grand Canal in Venice, The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square and The Vatican Gardens.

The unparalleled beauty and exuberance of fountains, churches, paintings, scriptures, architectural finesse and beaches render this boot shaped country of the legendary Roman rulers as a must to watch among the tourists across the world.

The peak season for travel to this ultimate tourist destination ranges from April to June.

Taormina, situated in the vicinity of the famous volcano Mt.Etna, is a feather in the cap in the sublime beauty of Italy on account of its panoramic and ravishingly attractive spots which simply allow the traveler to have their own share of everlastingly memorable fun and frolic and also provide them an opportunity to enrich their hearts and minds with the significant nuances associated with the spot. No wonder Taormina has captured interest on the global front and is rated among the widely preferred destinations across Italy.

Taormina in Italy is located 200m above the sea level and looks down upon the lonian sea with reverential majesty. Founded in 395 BC, Taormina has witnessed several invasions of diverse groups with every group leaving its imprints upon its diverse and rich culture. Taormina on account of its breathtaking landscapes is also deemed as a patch of paradise and is also revered among poets and writers who ascribe the destination as a far cry from the chaotic and maddening city life.

Taormina accommodations range from small guest houses to luxurious hotels which are capable of providing world class and ultra modern facilities which eventually adds further delight to the memorable trip. Taormina offers a wide range of facilities like holiday houses, villas and resorts which can be chosen in the vicinity of serene beach surroundings with substantial discounts being offered on the actual rates. Internet access with air conditioning is frequently available in the resting places. At Taormina accommodations one can also arrange for excursions across the surrounding areas.

One can also seek pleasure of the internationally renowned delicious and saucy authentic Sicilian cuisine such as macaroni, pasta, pizza, tortellini, spaghetti and many more which are lapped up across the world. Italy is hugely famous for the warmth and hospitality which is quite conspicuous in almost every corner of this exhilarating destination.

Villa Carlotta and Villa Ducale are one of the famous multi-specialty luxury Taormina hotel which comprises of a huge variety of contemporary and antique artifacts. The aristocratic ambience offers a rich blend of deluxe rooms intricately designed with earthy colours and soothing fabrics meant to exude a distinct splendor for its visitors.

The exuberance and vivaciousness of Taormina can be reveled on the basis of a comforting accommodation which would accentuate the enormously pleasurable panoramic view of Taormina, Italy. There is a huge abundance of hotels in Taormina which are beautifully decorated with enchantic relics of the past and also ensure safety and comfort of the travelers staying far away from their respective homelands.

Certain distinguished Taormina hotels include the names of La Pensione Svizzera, San Pietro, El Jebel, Atlantis Bay and Isola Bella. Del Corso is a Taormina hotel located in the central region of the historic zone. One Taormina hotel Bel Soggiorno is particularly famous for green pastures. One of the most ancient and majestic hotels at Taormina includes the name of Excelsior Palace which is famous for its world class amenities. Isola Bella is quite a famous Taormina hotel owing to its location near the bay.

Some of the Taormina hotels for breathtaking view include Villa Esperia, Villa Schuler, Hilton Giardini Nexos, Villa Bianca, Villa Angela and Villa Greta, Villa Sirina and Villa Diodoro

Top 10 Must Haves in a Girly Girl Handbag – How to Travel Smart and Stay Safe At The Same Time?

There can be 101 things that are seemingly important to bring everywhere along, just in case you need it. Every girl is unique, what I think is important might be unnecessary for others.

Big bags can be trendy, but it is not exactly practical in a foreign country. Branded flashy bags are one of the worst things to flaunt since this is what thieves will spot first. Functional bags with simple designs are the best!

No, I am not going to list camera and map being important here. Because it is something majority will bring anyway. This list is recommended for girly girls who want to travel smart and stay safe at a foreign country.

1) No girly girl goes out without carrying a basic make-up kit. Make sure you have a proper mirror – there can be more than 1 use for it.

2) Always carry a proper spray-on deodorant/perfume/sun block/insect repellent/ointment in your bag. Can use it for yourself or dodgy attacker.

3) Petroleum jelly (Vaseline lip balm) can have more than 10 uses when travelling. Like anything, do not overuse it.

4) Carry a reputable built-in filter bottle everywhere. It works for non-potable water (e.g. from the taps at public toilets) but not undrinkable type.

5) Good to know the emergency numbers, accommodation and any other useful contacts. Always ensure phone has battery and bring portable charger.

6) Bring your house keys along. Swiss Army knife is considered weapon and not allowed in some places. Use functional key chains (e.g. karabiner) here.

7) Bring mechanical pencil (minimum 2B lead darkness) and blank A4 paper. Good for doodling anything casual to writing something important.

8) Carry a light foldable umbrella with silver surface on the outer side. Good to fend off UV rays, rain, and dodgy stranger. Now available in metal casing!

9) Have a small pouch to store your passport and money (zip locked!). Personally, it is good to top with 7 scented panty liners.

10) It is good to carry a handbag with sling. I like to sling it on and my hands resting on the handles. Hope to deter thieves by making it harder to steal.

Safety is one of the most important aspects in our life. It is a basic human need and must be fulfilled before achieving anything else. Just Google and you can find a long list of recommendations on safe and smart travel.

The ideal total weight of a handbag (+ laptop) is supposed to be no more than 15% of your body weight. For travelling, keep the girly girl handbag to the range of 5% of your body weight will be more appropriate.