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5 Great Spots for Cliff Diving in Asia

There are a lot of extreme sports coming into existence that people get to enjoy these days. Many of them vary in terrains and approaches, with some requiring a lot of protective gear while others simply require you to come as you are. One of the most popular extreme sports nowadays is cliff diving. There are a lot of people who are joining in on this activity because it offers them an adrenaline rush that cannot be matched. If you’re planning to take part in this sport, you might actually want to know where you can do so.

Below are 5 spots in the continent of Asia where you can jump off cliffs to your heart’s content:

1. Longqing Gorge, Chine – This is a 164 foot drop which can be found a little less than 60 miles away from Beijing. The drop is surrounded by clear waters and grass filled mountains. There isn’t any need for you to actually wear protective gear for this, and you can even expect the instructors to push you off the cliff once you’re all set.

2. Ariel’s Point, Boracay, Philippines – Aside from being such an exquisite beach that many tourists all over the world travel to all year round, Boracay also offers a unique cliff jumping experience. There are 5 different platforms to choose from, with the highest being 13 meters. However, if you’re not up for this activity, you can still engage in some snorkeling, rafting and other fun activities which will surely give you a whole lot of enjoyment.

3. Ba Ho Waterfalls, Vietnam – Located just north of Nha Trang on your way to Doc Let, you’ll definitely find a string of huge boulders to climb, treating you with such a huge and magnificent valley that’s surrounded by crystal clear waters. You have 3 spots in where you can jump. The highest spot measures nearly 40 feet, and this can be enough to let you scream all the way down to the waters.

4. Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia – This is a location which doesn’t have an organized group of cliff divers to work with, which means it’s essentially free for all to take advantage of. The jump can go as high as 25 meters, which can be more than enough to make you wet your pants, but the surrounding scenery would definitely put you at such a calm state of mind that you’ll only start to feel the adrenaline pumping in your veins once you’re on your way down to the waters.

5. Railay, Thailand – There are several islands wherein you can engage in cliff diving. You’ll be guided along by several of the local folk, and find you the best possible spot, which can vary from low to rather tall heights.